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Michael Czayka

Senior Lecturer, Engineering Technology


Teaches technical physics, physics for health technology, physics-entertainment and art, polymers, computer automated design

Master of Technology, Kent State University

B.S. Physics, Kent State University

With the Ashtabula Campus since 1993

Patents and Publications:

- Nylon Coated Ammunition, Serial No. 955072
- Radiation Thickened Sheet Molding Compound, Patent Pending
- Composite Coupler for Horizontal Boring Applications (held by Lamson and Sessions Corp) 
- Method to Improve the Biodegradability of Cellulose
Acetate, Patent Pending
- "Transport of Nitrous Oxide Through Activated Carbon,"K. M. Yin, M. A. Czayka, and R. Madey, Bulletin Amer. Phys. Soc. 19 no. 2173 (1974)
- "The Volume Adsorption Capacity of Activated Carbon for Selected Trace Contaminants,"  R. Forsythe, M. A. Czayka, R. Madey, and J. Povlis, Amer.  Phys. Soc. (New York 1976)
- "A Dispersion Model Approach to the Preliminary Design of Adsorber Beds for Trace Contaminants
,"  R. Madey, M. A. Czayka, R. Forsythe, J. Povlis, and K. M. Yin, The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, New York, 76-ENA’s-34
- "Composite Coupler For Horizontal Boring Applications," M. A. Czayka, and P. K. Meunchen, Society of Plastics Engineers, ANTEC, (Toronto, 1997)
- LPMC Molded Fiber Optics Junction Box, M. A. Czayka and D. W. Wilson, Society of Plastics Engineers, ANTEC (Atlanta, 1998).
- "Effects of Electron Beam Processing Parameters on Mechanical Properties of Polycarbonate," J. Chen, M. Czayka, Roberto M. Uribe, Radiation Physics and Chemistry, 74 (2005), 31-35.
- "Irradiation Temperature Effects on the Mechanical Properties of Polycarbonate," J. Chen, M. Czayka, Roberto M. Uribe, Technical Note, Submitted (2005)
- "Radiation Thickening of Iso-Polyester Resins," M. Czayka, M. Fisch, M. Uribe, C. Vargas-Aburto, Radiation Physics and Chemistry, Accepted 2006. 




Michael Czayka
College of Technology
Phone: 440-964-4266
Fax: 440-964-5535
Spring 2015
  • EERT 12001 - 200 Electric Circuits Ii
  • EERT 12010 - 200 Introduction To Electronics
  • PHY 13002 - 700 General College Physics Ii
  • PHY 13022 - 700 Gen College Phy Lab Ii
  • MATH 19002 - 200 Technical Mathematics Ii
  • TECH 33700 - 200 Quality Techniques
Summer 2015
  • PHY 12111 - 200 Physics For Health Tech
  • PHY 21040 - 200 Physics - Entertainment And Art
  • PHY 21041 - 200 Phys Entertainment Arts Lab
Fall 2015
  • MATH 11009 - 201 Modeling Algebra
  • PHY 13001 - 700 General College Physics I
  • PHY 13021 - 700 Gen College Physics Lab I
  • TECH 32101 - 200 Polymers I