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ATC + PTA Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about the PTA Option for Athletic Trainers

Can I work while completing the ATC plus PTA concentration?
It is possible to work full time during the first year of the program. All classes are online, however students may need to take time off to be on campus for the six lab weekends. Students will not be able to work full time during the last 12 weeks of the program. During this time two 6-week clinical rotations are scheduled. These clinical rotations are 40 hours per week.

What is the clinical education requirement?
Students complete 3 different clinical rotations designed to prepare them to be generalists who can provide physical therapy services with various patient populations and in a variety of settings. The total clinical experience must include both inpatient and outpatient facilities with patients in different life stages, clinical conditions, stages of healing and levels of disability. Students in clinical education experiences are under the direct supervision of a licensed PT or PTA, and are not paid during these learning experiences. The first clinical experience is 10 hours per week during the spring semester, and the last second and third clinical experiences are each 6-weeks full time during the summer I before graduation.

Can clinical rotations be done at my place of employment?
The part-time clinical experience during the Spring Semester can be at your current place of employment, as long as a contract can be established, the student is under direct supervision of a licensed PT or PTA, and the student is not paid for any of the clinical education time. It is recommended that your clinical rotations be performed at sites other than your place of employment to give you a more unbiased learning situation. It is also recommended that your Spring clinical rotation be performed at a hospital or nursing home/rehab setting to provide you experiences with transfers, neurological rehabilitation, etc that your coursework on.   

How much will it cost?
Tuition and fees for 2013/14 is anticipated to be $9,209 for Ohio residents, and $21,875 for non-residents. Students also pay approximately $1000 for textbooks, $600 to be licensed after graduation, and $100-300 to meet the requirements for clinical education.

Where do I submit my transcripts and which transcripts do I need?  
KSU requires that high school and all previous college transcripts be submitted. Please have all transcripts sent to:

Physical Therapist Assistant Technology Department
Kent State University at Ashtabula
3300 Lake Rd. West
Ashtabula, OH 44004

When I apply to KSU at Ashtabula, which application should I fill out?
You should fill out an undergraduate application, since the PTST Program is an undergraduate degree. If you are asked for further clarification.

Since it takes 3-4 weeks for transcripts to be evaluated, can I still apply?  
Yes. Although the transcripts may not be evaluated prior to the start of classes, applications will be evaluated from the unofficial transcript and students will be able to start the program. Students need to wait for this formal evaluation of courses to be completed by the transfer committee to determine if they need to take any additional classes.

How do I fill in my student BANNER ID on the application?
Your Banner ID is provided once you are accepted to KSU and complete the PASS Program. If you have not completed the KSU application process, you may leave this blank and we will complete it for you.

What is the major that I apply for on the online KSU application?
Physical Therapist Assistant Technology (AAS) (PTST).

What if I cannot make some or all of the scheduled labs?
Since there are only two (2) labs per semester, it is critical to be present for these lab sessions. The PTA Program policy is that you are required to attend all on-campus labs. If you have to miss one or more days of a lab for any reason, then you will be unable to complete the course until it is offered the following year. If you have to miss less than one day, it is up to the discretion of your instructor for that course if it can be excused or made up. If you have any questions regarding attendance, please ask the program director or course instructor.

Do I need to meet with the Program Director before applying?
Phone advising is available if you have questions or need assistance. It is not required.

How many students are accepted into the AT Transition concentration?
A class of 28 students is accepted each year, although this number may be increased depending on faculty availability.

When would I graduate if I completed the program on schedule?
The program begins in May, students graduate in August of the following year.