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A PSEO student on the Ashtabula Campus


Will Kent State University accept transfer college credit I earn from other colleges while in high school? Yes, consistent with Kent State University's regular transfer credit policy as stated in the Undergraduate Catalog.

What classes are available to high school students? Any classes (other than developmental mathematics, developmental English, or remedial classes) that are offered during your term of enrollment if you have prerequisite knowledge and skill and if space is available.

Must I submit an application for each semester I want to enroll? No, however re-application is required each year.

Can I enroll in both Post-Secondary Option A and B at the same time (for two different courses)? No, you must select either Option A or B for each semester enrolled. However, you can apply in another semester and change options at that time.

Will I receive college credit and a permanent college transcript if I only want high school credit? Yes, you are enrolling for a college course in this program.

What if I have not taken the ACT test? Kent State University's Academic Testing Services in Kent, OH administers the ACT twice a month. Call (330) 672-2867 to schedule an appointment.

Am I eligible for financial aid from Kent State University? No.

What are the risks involved in enrolling under either Option A or Option B? Grades: You will have a permanent college transcript. You will be required to submit that transcript to any future colleges to which you apply for admission. Course Availability: The availability of your preferred course cannot be guaranteed. At the time your admission to the PSEO Program is approved, the course may be closed, or the section offered at the time you prefer may not be available.

How do I register for one or more courses under the PSEO Program? Registration material will be reviewed with you by the Admissions Counselor after your application receives final approval.

Is there a financial risk when enrolling under Option B? Yes. If you stop attending class or withdraw from a course, you are obligated to pay any fees due the University, including any books or materials that may have been furnished to you.

If I do drop out or fail to attend classes, what fee might I have to pay? You would be responsible for the fees charged a regularly admitted student plus special course fees, books, and materials that were supplied. Some school districts require reimbursement by the student for any courses failed.

Can I be dismissed from this program by the University? Yes, you are subject to the disciplinary code of Kent State University. You may also be subject to disciplinary action from your high school. Additionally you may be dismissed if you do not meet the academic standards of the University.

Where can I find the academic and disciplinary standards that apply to me? The Undergraduate Catalog and the University Life: Digest of Rules and Regulations are the primary sources of this information.

How do I apply to the PSEO Program at Kent State University? The deadline for submitting the application form and all supporting materials is June 1 for Fall Semester and November 1 for Spring Semester.

Requests for application materials should be addressed to: Kent State University at Ashtabula, 3300 Lake Road West, Ashtabula, OH 44004

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