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Leah Bentley

Bachelor of Justice Studies

Graduated High School in 1998

Career Goal: To make a significant impact in the career that I choose. To never just go to work and do a job for a paycheck, but instead to always carry with me this enthusiasm for making a difference and to never lose confidence in the knowledge that while one person may not be able to change the world, one person can change the minds of those who will. 


College Tip: Don't just try to "get through" college. Education is not an event to get through, it's an ongoing process  that transforms you as you progress. The purpose is not to learn and retain information from books, but to acquire knowledge about yourself and the world & experience personal growth that a textbook could never teach you. If you engage yourself, it really does become so much more than a formal education. 


Best thing about KSUAC: The class sizes are the best advantage of KSUAC for me. I don't think that I'd like being in a class of 100 students, I get anxiety-ridden in a class of 10. 


Interesting fact about yourself: I read my textbooks from back to front if the subject is one that does not hold my attention, having to put it all together as I read keeps me focused so my mind doesn't drift off. 


Top ten reasons a student should attend KSUAC:

  1. Location- Close to family, you're able to live at home
  2. Staff- I really have a lot of respect and admiration for all of my professors. I also don't think that I would get the chance to know them on this level if I were at a bigger school.
  3. Relationships- there's a familiarity among everyone on our campus, even if you don't personally know someone, you still see them often and feel like you do.
  4. Tuition- it is much more affordable to attend classes here than other larger schools
  5. Quality Education- you are able to take classes of equivalent to the ones you would attend elsewhere for less cost & with less traveling.
  6. Diversity of student-types- there are a lot of nontraditional students here, which makes it much easier to attend as a non-traditional student because of class structures being built around this (for the most part)
  7. Class Size- as previously stated, our class sizes range from 10-30 students on average. There are larger classes, but for the most part they're small.
  8. Availability of Professors- I have always been able to meet with my professors before or after class when I needed to or in their offices which are easily accessed.
  9. Help is always easy to find, everyone is usually pretty knowledgeable about things & willing to help even if it's not their department. 
  10. Understanding (especially pertaining to non-traditional students)- I just think our campus is really accepting of the fact that sometimes your plans don't work out & you have unforeseen things arise. I've seen people bring their kids to class (as long as they weren't disruptive of course), people bring their kids to study groups, or events, professors bring their kids to class & for me it's just comforting to know that in the case of having no choice, I could fall back on that & not feel out of place because people understand. 


Leah Bentley
Admissions Office