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Melinda McNutt

Bachelor of Business Management
High School class of 2011

Career Goal: To either be the CEO of a company or own my own company.

College Tip: Always have your college professor read your papers before you turn them in. This has helped me tremendously because a couple times I have totally missed the point of the paper and they were able to help me correct it. Also never procrastinate, College is a lot less stressful when you’re ready to take a test and when you can turn in papers and projects before they are due all because you didn’t procrastinate.

Best thing about KSUAC: The awesome faculty. I feel guilty when I walk around in the hallways and professors that I had last semester say "Hi Melinda," and I can’t even remember what their name is. All the professors that I have had are really nice and care about their students.

Interesting fact about yourself: I play the piano and the violin.

Top reasons a student should attend KSUAC:

1. It is very affordable. I am lucky enough that I can pay for my tuition in cash and not have any student loans.

2. The awesome faculty.

3. It is close to home. We are lucky to have a college campus in our county, why would you want to go anywhere else.

4. I love seeing change and its nice to see that our campus is constantly renovating and making changes to make our campus a nicer place.

5. Small classroom sizes. I’ve never been in a class that was to big that I couldn’t get individualized help from the teacher.

6. The campus events, I am lucky that I got to participate in the Dean’s list reception, the scholarship recognition banquet, the welcome back days, but we are even luckier that we have many different events and clubs for students to participate in.

7. Free parking.

8. Wide variety of ages. It’s nice to be surrounded with people of all ages. I enjoy working with older students who have already entered the workforce but are continuing their education. I like being surrounded with adults instead of a group of people that are fresh from high school. I think it keeps drama to a minimum.

Melinda McNutt
Admissions Office